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The Zimbabwe Artists’ Directory is an online one-stop-shop interactive business portal to exhibit and promote Zimbabwean Creative Economy practitioners through facilitating interface and partnerships between and amongst different artists, Civil Society, and the private sector to enhance their visibility, accessibility and promote business networking, training, collaborations, and support. The Zimbabwe Artist Directory is a global tool to strengthen a coordinated mechanism to showcase, market and facilitate strategic linkages between creative practitioners and clients/investors for sustainability.

Bayethe Development Institute developed the Zimbabwe Online Artists Directory intervention for Creative Economy practitioners in the Cultural and Creative Industries. Currently the Creative Economy practitioners’ information is scattered all over the place resulting in loss of investment opportunities. Limited visibility and dissemination of comprehensive information has widened the creative products and services uptake gap between the Creative practitioner and their clients/potential investor.

The Zimbabwe Online Directory is an online platform that combines a repository of artists, partners and investors on the Cultural and Creative Economy and a series of structured online linking, profiling and learning events.  

This Online Directory creates a level playing field to foster sustainable livelihoods for all Creative practitioners, as it enables them to showcase their work in an inclusive platform and facilitate equality of professional positioning regardless of class, age, disability, color or geographical location.  The Zimbabwe Artists’ Directory serves the purpose of mitigating an information deficit in the growing industry of the arts and culture field in Zimbabwe.

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