The naked truth show


Bayethe Development Institute launched a Sex Health Education Webcast/Talk Show that aims to promote, advocate, educate, and challenge social norms for better Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Zimbabwe.

The Webcast/Talk show streamed on Facebook and YouTube, comprising  of 13 episodes flighted weekly. A presenter will host the show and invited guest speakers such as gynaecologists, sex therapists, SRH Advocates, LGBTQIA+ activists, and policymakers. Some of the topics to be covered include: Sex and Sexuality; Sex and Consent; SRH services as an LGBTQI person; Sex Addiction; Sex and Culture; Sexual Health and Nutrition; HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections ; Adventurous sex,  Reproductive Health; Sex and Disability; MSM and WSW; Sex Work in Zimbabwe and Referral to SRH services.

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